Dispensary Near Me: A Look at Top Strains in Nevada

As marijuana legislation continues to cast a larger net across the US and the world, it will be important to begin taking note of a few things. Many people have Googled “dispensary near me,” and were likely offered a number of options, depending on legality in your state. As it is, you may have had the chance to comb through endless menus of wonderful, picturesque buds, as well as a flurry of other delectable products. While it’s important to find what’s right for you, it can be easy to get lost in the mix. In this series, we are going to take a look at a dispensary near you, and highlight some of the best strains available for your smoking (or dabbing, eating, etc.) pleasure. 

Dispensary Near Me: Green Cannabis Co., Las Vegas, NV

Green Cannabis Co., a dispensary in Las Vegas, NV, is one such menu that is quite amazing. Upon visiting their site, I immediately got lost in it. Their flower menu seems to never end (which is leading me to the main point of this blog). According to their ‘About Us’ page, 

As mother nature has provided us the great gift of cannabis, we believe it is our duty to respect her in our everyday business practices. Green utilizes environmentally friendly and recyclable materials throughout our facility and product packaging. We also pride ourselves on our complete line of clean green certified products that replace inorganic chemical inputs with inputs only found in mother nature.”

Clean growing only stands to enhance any natural plant based product, so big shout out to Green Cannabis Co. and any other dispensary using clean growing practices.

But back to their menu…

Green Cannabis Co.’s menu is, again, huge. What I appreciate about them is they’ve narrowed it down to a top ten list of the most popular strains in Nevada and Las Vegas. Here’s Weed will take a look at that list, and give you the top five strains in Nevada (we’ll still mention the other five) and go a little more in depth on the strain. Maybe it’ll inspire a search at a dispensary near you. 

Glow, by The Grower Circle

First on our list is Glow, a gorgeous hybrid from The Grower Circle, weighs in at a suitable 25% THC. An award winning parent strain, Glow took the 1st place prize for “Best Infused Pre-Roll” in the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup in Nevada. The actual winning strain was Cosa Nostra, a cross of Glow and another Grower Circle heavyweight, Face on Fire #9. Glow, itself a cross of Purple Punch and Face on Fire, Glow, according to Hytiva:

“…simply means a steady radiance of light.That inspired the naming of this hybrid, due to the abundance of fuzzy golden trichomes, which are covering the deep purple leaves. On some Glow buds, the only green visible is on the stems. Long and wavy orange pistils scattered throughout.”

According to lab data from Hytiva, you can also find the terpenes Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, and Beta Myrcene. In one of our previous blogs, “Indica or Sativa: How to Choose Which Type Of Cannabis Is Right For You” we explain some characteristics of commonly found terpenes, so be sure to check it out!

Cereal Milk, by Cookies

The flagship strain Girl Scout Cookies (which is included in this strain’s lineage), the brainchild of expert grower Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, paved the way for the Cookies brand of marijuana products. From them came also this next popular strain in Nevada, known as Cereal Milk. As the name implies, Cereal Milk recreates the experience of a bowl of sweet cereal and milk in both taste and scent. Also presenting at a quality 25% THC, Cereal Milk also pushes out a THC-A content of almost 29%. A balanced strain that leaves you both with calming and focusing effects, as well as a streak of creativity, Cereal Milk is also aesthetically pleasing. Hytiva says: 

“with varying shades of deep mossy greens mixed with pale yellows. Its pistils are a light orange and its trichomes make it look like it’s been dunked in sugar.”

9 LB Hammer, by Green Life Productions

Sometimes, it’s all in the name. With that being said, 9 LB Hammer (Nine Pound Hammer for our metric friends) hits just as its name implies, like a nine pound hammer. This indica strain, a freaky threesome of Hell’s Angels OG, Jack the Ripper, and Gooberry, is best used for putting yourself down for the night. Having smoked this strain myself, I can attest to the weight of the hammer, and my is it heavy. The THC content of 9 LB hammer can get up to 27%, quite potent for a swing of the hammer. This strain pairs best with having nothing to do, because after it hits you, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay down for the count.

Bubba Skywalker OG, by Virtue

Another indica heavy strain on our list, Bubba Skywalker OG is a favorite among indica fans. The child of Bubba Kush and Skywalker OG, Bubba Skywalker OG stimulates your will to relax. With its calming effects, coupled with its happiness inducing potential, Bubba Skywalker OG is a good choice to slow down all those thoughts you’ve been having, and instead just take a moment for you. Characteristics of the taste and scent include earthy, sour, and spicy. While it doesn’t seem as fun and sweet as Cereal Milk, Bubba Skywalker OG is still a good choice for maximum relaxation. 

Tropicana, by Cannabiotix 

Our last feature on this top five is Tropicana, a bright sativa from Cannabiotix. The staggering THC content of up to 32% makes this strain not only extremely potent, but an award winner. Tropicana has taken the 2nd place award at the High Times World and High Times Michigan Cups, and was awarded a top ten for best tasting strains from High Times in 2015. A cross of the well known Orange Crush and SFV OG Phenotype #17, Tropicana leaves you energized, euphoric, and feeling particularly creative. Its major terpene profile consists of Myrcene, Pinene, and Linalool, which contribute to relaxation, anxiety reduction, and a boosted mood. Tropicana is certainly a strain for picking yourself up, and definitely for having a good time by yourself or with friends. 

Dispensary Near Me: In Conclusion

As promised, the next five strains make up the remainder of this top ten. They consist of:

  • La La Land #1, by Fleur
  • Head Cheese, by Polaris
  • Blueberry Cookies, by Tahoe Hydro
  • Cookies and Cream, by Nature’s Chemistry
  • Jillybean, by Remedy

Remember that when looking for a “dispensary near me,” it’s important to go into your search having an idea of what you want. Whether it’s a desired effect, or specific need, sites like LeaflyHytiva, and others can help you to pinpoint strains that will deliver those specific effects, and maybe even more than you expected. This is just the first blog in a new series, much like our other new blog series Here’s Weed Spotlight On, that focuses on states and/or cities that are moving through new grounds with marijuana legalization or and/or legislation. You can read our first installment of that series, Here’s Weed Spotlight on New York City: The Legal Marijuana Boomto learn about progress being made in New York and New York City. Here’s Weed is here for you, and we hope to continue bringing you what you need to remain informed.

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