A Newbie’s Guide to Buying the Right Cannabis Products in DC

Cannabis use in the District of Columbia became legal in 2015. Residents in the DC area can consume both medical and recreational marijuana products. Even with such legal freedom, users should still follow the relevant laws. The legal consumption of cannabis in the federal district continues to attract many guests from all over. DC’s accepting attitude towards selling and purchasing cannabis products has made the district itself a landmark. 

The thought of traveling to DC to partake in cannabis products can be overwhelming. Newbies in purchasing and consuming marijuana products need some important pointers. Below are some details to remember when buying cannabis products in the district.

Ways of Purchasing 

You can get cannabis in DC through different means. Various methods of acquiring medical and recreational marijuana provide users several options. This opens up more opportunities for legal cannabis sellers to get some business. People doing this for the first time need guidance on where to go the moment they arrive in DC. 

1. Retail stores

Those at least 21 years old can buy cannabis and every type of cannabis product available from retail stores. Even so, DC law does not allow cannabis retail stores. Newbies must not try to ask around for a cannabis retail store in the federal district. They may fall victim to opportunists who will lead them to illegal methods of purchasing cannabis products. 

2. Dispensaries

DC dispensaries sell medical marijuana to people with a DC medical marijuana card. Some people do not want to rely on traditional medicine to relieve pain and other symptoms. That is why they go to dispensaries carrying prescriptions from their attending physicians. Patients must also be registered medical marijuana patients in the DC area. 

3. Delivery services

Shipping cannabis to medical marijuana patients is legal. It is not legal for recreational marijuana to reach customers via delivery services. Most online sources for cannabis products are illegal. Some even promote ordering online, and shipping will follow. It does not matter where in DC or the United States the customer is. It is illegal to ship recreational marijuana across state lines. Dispensaries only deliver within their area in DC. 

Reasons for Purchasing Legally

There is a high risk of purchasing marijuana without the law supporting your source. The black market is not the way to go when purchasing cannabis in DC or anywhere in the United States. Getting the right marijuana products from a dispensary is the correct path to take. There is nothing like enjoying your cannabis product without fearing the authorities.

Anyone who purchases recreational marijuana pays a hefty tax. The tax dollars then go to municipal projects, infrastructure, and education. Knowing you support the community whenever you buy cannabis products makes each purchase worthwhile. Buying legal marijuana also ensures high quality. Dispensaries want to make sure their customers are buying a pure product.

Purchasing legal marijuana does not put you at risk. Following the rules to enjoy your favorite cannabis product is better than going to jail after your session. Legal marijuana also has accurate weight and quality ingredients. 

The Weight Limit to Buying Cannabis

Marijuana in DC dispensaries is in the form of topicals, tinctures, buds, and edibles. What the customer pays for is the amount of cannabis in each product. One ounce is equal to 28 grams. A joint has less than half of one gram. An ounce of marijuana can make 56-60 joints.

Medical marijuana patients can possess up to 4 ounces of medical cannabis. This amount must be consumed in 30 days as prescribed. Adult recreational users can only possess six plants (three seedlings and three mature plants) and 2 ounces of marijuana. Customers can get seedlings, seeds, flowers, edibles, concentrates, and transdermal products. The average prices of cannabis per ounce in DC stand at $190-$191 (medium quality) and $230-$233 (high-quality).

A referral from a qualified medical provider will give you the chance to get a medical marijuana card. You must complete a state-required application. Then, you must submit the application to the regulatory body in DC. Upon your application’s approval, you will receive your card. This card allows you to enter a state-licensed dispensary to purchase cannabis products. 

Enjoying the Right Cannabis Products

Before consuming cannabis products, make sure you ask about the type of strain. Sativa makes you energetic, while an indica cannabis strain gives you a couch-lock high. Smoking is an easy way to enjoy marijuana buds. After getting the strain you want, you can choose a pipe or bong to smoke it. You can also purchase rolling papers and roll up a joint. 

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. You can use buds, concentrates, or oils. Vaping is milder than smoking. Studies show that it may reduce toxic and carcinogenic by-products. This method needs a vaping device.

Cannabis edibles are treats with an infusion of cannabis strains. You can get suckers, cookies, nut mixes, gummies, cupcakes, brownies, or other edible forms. Some users prefer making their own edibles at home. Cooking or baking cannabis also activates the THC. You will get the effects you want depending on the strain.

Tinctures are marijuana-infused drops or sprays. The delivery is under the tongue or via the oral route. Your body will absorb the strain right away, especially if you take tinctures under the tongue. This area has many blood vessels that absorb anything without waiting for digestion. 

You can also rub cannabis-infused salves or creams on your skin. There is not enough THC to get a high from these products. This is often for medical patients with skin allergies and inflammatory issues. Research shows that rubbing cannabis topicals may provide relief from these health conditions. 

The Bottom Line

Purchasing the right cannabis product in DC is easy once you know what to do. Even with legalization, rules make purchases complicated and by the book. Dispensaries hold the key to cannabis consumption in DC. Here you can purchase the right cannabis product with the right dosage of the strain that you want. 

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