1. Kiwi Melon LIGHTS ON THCV Engergy Elixir

Kiwi Melon LIGHTS ON THCV Engergy Elixir

Sativa|Heavy Hitters
100mg THC2mg CBD


Product Type: Edible / Tincture / Syrup / Beverage
Introducing Heavy Hitter's Lights On Energy Elixir. Each Energy Elixir is packed with 100mg of THC, 25mg of THCV, and 100mg of caffeine to ignite your senses and unleash a wave of uplifting energy. Delivering a patented fast-acting formula and available in a sleek, low profile design, these Energy Elixirs are your ultimate on-the-go companion that slide effortlessly into your daily routine. Pure, potent, and powerful, experience best-in-class cannabis with Lights On Energy Elixirs. When creative energy is needed, look now further than our Kiwi Melon Lights on Elixir. Potent effects stimulate the mind and relax the body while minor cannabinoids and caffeine uplift and energize, creating the perfect balance for anyone needing a creative pick me up. Strain Type: Sativa Taste Profile: Tropical, Kiwi, Melon Effect Profile: Energetic, Creative, Uplifted
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