1. Blue Cherry Gelato
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Blue Cherry Gelato

Hybrid|THC Design
31.65 %THC0.05 %CBD


Product Type: Pre Roll / Pack Rolls
Medical Grade - Six Ultra Premium Cones. THC Design's Sativa pre-rolls should be a go-to choice. Each tin contains 3.5 grams of premium, estate grown flower packaged into six artisanal cones for easy and convenient enjoyment. STRAIN DESCRIPTION Limited Edition Blue Cherry Gelato, a delicious Hybrid cross of Blue Nerdz X Lemon Cherry Gelato featuring δ-Limonene, β-Myrcene and Linalool as its dominant terpenes. It has a crisp, sweet blueberry taste with hints of cookie dough flavor, vanilla and lavender. A full body high that is relaxing, euphoric and creative with calming effects that make it a suitable choice for sufferers of depression, anxiety, and inflammation. STRAIN EFFECTS Relaxing, Euphoric, Calming STRAIN FLAVOR Blueberry, Vanilla, Lavender
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