1. Guava Gas

Guava Gas

Indica|THC Design
27.31 %THC0.5 %CBD


Medical Grade - Six Ultra Premium Cones. THC Design's Sativa pre-rolls should be a go-to choice. Each tin contains 3.5 grams of premium, estate grown flower packaged into six artisanal cones for easy and convenient enjoyment. STRAIN DESCRIPTION THC Design presents: Guava Gas, an Indica cross of Zkittles X LCG 2. Coming in at 31.57% Cannabinoids, this dark purple plant features Linalool, β-Myrcene and δ-Limonene as its dominant terpenes. It has a gas and cream taste with a lavender, basil and citrus smell and notes of sweet guava and cloves. The effects are calming and euphoric and it offers relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. STRAIN EFFECTS Calming, Euphoric, Relaxing STRAIN FLAVOR Lavender, Basil, Citrus
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