1. Hemp Wick Lighter Wrapper

Hemp Wick Lighter Wrapper


Hemplights Hemp Wick Lighter Wrappers: Burn Free A Hemp wick has an incredible amount of benefits over butane lighters. The wick is made of 100% Organic Hemp & 100% Natural Beeswax. For a slow burning, no dripping and clean taste. Once lit, you will begin to see the compensations of using a hemp wick instantly. First off, it gets rid of the risk of breathing in any butane or noxious gases from your lighter when you are lighting. Secondly, you have more control of the flame with a lot more precision. Since hemp is not a gas it does not combust at the high temperatures that butane burns at. You will see an immediate improvement in your smoking experience. Why use a Lighter Wrapper? Because is easy than carry your ball of Hemp wick around. The cover fits perfectly over your lighter and has sleek style. Comes in many colors to match your style. Bring your pleasure to a whole different experience with the Hemplights Hemp Wick Lighter Wrappers!
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