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K***n S***r
Having tried many of the capital delivery services, Blaze DC offers the best in quality, price, menu, service, dependability, experience and value. They’re outstanding and have earned my repeat business. Thank you, Blaze DC!
As a new customer I did not know what to expect. Blaze DC made it easy. Within an hour of registering, Blaze texted me for confirmation, which was quick and easy. An hour later I was enjoying one of the best experiences imaginable. The product was actually better than described and the price is very competitive. I think I’ve found my new favorite thing. 5 stars!
T***l D***n
I ordered a few times from them and i am satisfied with their services. Time is the only problem with orders they mess up your schedule waiting for a delivery. Good Weed Sorry Timing
Vendor Resonse
Thank you for choosing BlazeDC!!! We truly appreciate your feed back!!! We truly apologize timing was an issue, we would like to make it up to you and also clear up that we have a 45-90 minutes processing window to prepare and send out order in queue with driver, pre ordering ahead of time even a day before usually saves time on both ends, we will also be able to accommodate you with discounts in this case. Thanks again
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